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Where you don't take part- You take over.

The Digital Onboarding Forum is a premium invitation-only event built for Key decision making senior executives and business transformation leaders focusing on innovation and excellence in Digital Onboarding and Digital Banking Services. We provide you with the opportunity to benchmark against leading practices with your peers and have an insightful discussion through a series of Keynotes, Case Studies and C-Suite Networking Programs.

We Bring Together Who Matters in Digital Onboarding: From Fintechs, Key Industry Banking Professionals, Fortune 500 tech providers to raising start-ups, we join together to network and set the vision for the industry's future.

Why Attend?

Experience the Top Solutions in the Industry

In this engaging and informative webinar, we will delve into the exciting realm of digital onboarding technologies. We'll explore the latest trends, advancements, and innovations brought to us by the Top Technology Providers in the industry that are revolutionizing the way banks and fintechs onboard users seamlessly. Our panel of experts will dissect these technologies, keying in on their impact on user experiences, security, and operational efficiency. After a comprehensive discussion, we will unveil the top 10 digital onboarding technologies of 2023 that have demonstrated exceptional promise in addressing the challenges of our digital age in 2023. Join us for this enlightening journey through the digital landscape, where we'll not only showcase cutting-edge solutions but also offer valuable insights into the future of onboarding.

Get Immersed in what's happening.

Digital Identity


Identity Verification

Paperless Banking

Document Digitization

ID Verification

Behavioural Analytics

Next-Gen Banking

Fraud Prevention

Multifactor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication

Biometric Authentication

Self-Sovereign Identity

Reducing Onboarding Friction

Analytics & Automation

What are we discussing?

Deep Dive into a Digital Banking Revolution

The combination of the rapid pace of innovation in financial services in developing and emerging countries, is a unique opportunity to resolve some of the most intractable challenges of financial inclusion and reach consumers with high quality financial services.

Now, convenience owns up 90% of a customer’s loyalty. Trends toward mobile banking, increased accurate analytics and decentralization of access will create opportunities for all to interact in unprecedented ways.

Vision for the Banks and Fintechs in 2023

At Digital Onboarding Forum, the banks and the fintechs collaborate, work together and set the vision for the future and lay down the foundation towards the future of Digital Banking. We brainstorm and discuss the key technologies, strategies and ideas to implement and seamless Customer Onboarding , retention and building customer loyalty for the banks and financial services.

Reducing Onboarding Friction

Traditional methods are typically slow, and difficult to understand. Onboarding and customer authentication processes that are faster and easier are in high demand.

Keeping up with the pace and implementing new technologies and moving digital is key for the Financial Services to win in an ever competitive environment and integrating intelligent orchestration within the IT structure of the business, which leads to improved organisational agility.

Media Partners

Get noticed by Major Media Outlets at Digital Onboarding Forum.

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Not your average Online Networking Experience

With our events averaging 200+ self-organized attendee meet-ups, our smart networking application would help you maintain smart-profiles, suggest AI powered matchmaking, connect, network and set-up one on one meetings. Sharing files and maintaining all inclusive collaborative relations is made easy, enabling you to make the most out of your time.


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Partner with us to produce new content formats and an A-Listing Summit that will put your brand at the heart of the event. We provide an immersive branding experience using a rich variety of physical and digital signages. From jaw-dropping banners, to indoor pavilions.

Get Noticed

Exhibit, Speak, Network and Brainstorm solutions among Industry leaders. A win-win dynamic is created to make your time and efforts lucrative for years to come.


Our dedicated Research Team tracks down the right people for collaboration, so you can save time and focus on networking, gather subject matter expertise and explore innovative solutions.


make your name

With 2023 coming to an end, we would be rounding off the top 10 solutions in Digital Onboarding post event and have it distributed across the attendees, media partner channels and all the Digital Onboarding Forum newsletters and promotional materials.

Why Digital Onboarding Forum in 2023?
Get in-person access to 300+ Key Decision Makers through our networking programs.
Get the ROI you need and refresh your dried-up pipeline with the right people to make an impact.
Network with the industry leaders and heavyweights relevant to your niche.
Provision for innovative start-ups, leading solution providers, and cutting-edge product developers in field.
Increase your brand’s visibility and get ahead of your competition.
Get ready to disrupt and move one step ahead. Be among the people who really matter in Digital Banking.

Other Events

Join the Experts: Digital Onboarding Forum drives the awareness, adoption, interoperability, and development of digital onboarding, digital banking, identity authentication and other technologies. Through a collaborative partnership with industry, academia, and government expertise, the Forum is dedicated to the overall development of these technologies. We accelerate the market by propelling innovation and guiding outcomes for technology end-users.

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Our Mission

Digital Onboarding Forum® is The Authority in Digital Onboarding and Digital Banking. It coalesces industry, government and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security and interoperability of Digital Banking technologies.


Digital Onboarding Forum is open to the businesses, organisations or entities with an emphasis in Digital Onboarding, Identity and Access Management, Customer Authentication, Biometric Authentication, KYC and Fraud Prevention. Our global membership is committed to streamlining, standardising and optimising the technologies for the end users. 

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