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Our Mission

Digital Onboarding Forum® is The Authority in Digital Onboarding and Digital Banking. It coalesces industry, government and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security and interoperability of Digital Banking technologies.


Digital Onboarding Forum is open to the businesses, organisations or entities with an emphasis in Digital Onboarding, Identity and Access Management, Customer Authentication, Biometric Authentication, KYC and Fraud Prevention. Our global membership is committed to streamlining, standardising and optimising the technologies for the end users. 

Our global membership is taking a leadership position in advancing Digital Onboarding

Members collaborate in Working Groups to address the business and technology needs of vertical and horizontal ecosystems.


Digital Onboarding Forum drives the awareness, adoption, interoperability, and development of Digital Onboarding, Customer Verification, Authentication and Seamless customer experience technologies. Through a collaborative partnership with industry, academia, and government expertise, the Forum is dedicated to the overall development of digital banking technologies. We accelerate the market by propelling innovation and guiding outcomes for technology end-users.


By sparking innovation, Digital Onboarding Forum accelerates the adoption of transformative technology to enable a better, smarter world. We focus on producing more accessible, sustainable, and scalable technology solutions to impact the future of Banking that stands to benefit from Digital Onboarding.

Become our Member Today

The membership benefits every aspect of your organisation


Receive forum quotes for your press releases. Display your membership badge in your marketing materials and websites, establishing tech standards.


Receive an exclusive early bird invite, news and choice of exhibits and slots on the event premises along with a flat discount of 20% for the annual conferences.

Working Groups

Eligibility to participate in and chair Working Groups and help drive their focus and direction. Members can suggest new Working Groups that add to the focus areas of the Forum and shape the agenda for the Annual Conference.


Collaborate and brainstorm with the industry's leading digital onboarding players in our Forum Working Groups, Initiatives, Liaisons, and Quarterly Meetings.

Thought Leadership

Receive industry recognition as a leader in digital onboarding through your association with the Forum. Get published in white papers and blogs, participate in webinars and conference panels.


Participate in member promotional initiatives, such as newsletters, success stories, member videos, thought leadership videos, webinars, and blogs.

Media Amplification

Get featured on Fintech Partner News Journals and Branding campaigns for your technology and forum related accomplishments, events, and publications.

Membership Levels

Membership Tiers are Based on Annual Revenues and Type of Organization


Pre-revenue and start-up members are defined as companies that are in existence three years or less OR that have an annual revenue under $1 million. Details may be required to confirm eligibility.


Academia and non-profit members are universities and organizations who are registered as tax exempt organizations.


Government members are town, county, state and federal agencies.


Organizations with revenues up to $5M.


Organizations with revenues between $5M and $50M.

Industry Leader

Organizations with revenues of $50M or higher.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

Please contact an account representative for complete pricing information

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