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Digital Onboarding Forum-
New York, USA, 2024

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Day 1- October 16, 2024

9:00AM - 9:30AM

Registration and Network Onboarding

9:45AM - 10:00AM

Opening Remarks

10:00AM - 10:20AM

Keynote 1- Enabling a brand design system and Customer centric intelligent Onboarding.

  • Customer-centric banking business models for the future.

  • ​How to build personalised customer relationships that could be more powerful than ever possible.

  • Making a Shift From Transactional To Relational Experiences.

  • Intuitive onboarding experiences for the customers.

10:30AM- 10:50AM

Keynote 2- Challenges in Realizing Digital Onboarding.

  • Raise in complex fraud, a challenge to overcome for the banks.

  • Optimizing opening a bank account for multiscreen experience.

  • Bridging the gap with the technologies, fintechs and the banks.

  • Methods and importance of overcoming account takeover attacks.

  • Moving to smart onboarding over an analog process.

11:00AM - 11:20AM


11:20AM- 11:50AM

Keynote 3- Integrated Customer Onboarding

  • Full integration between front and back office. Why are incumbent banks lagging behind?

  • Standardized processes to manage workflows and automate approvals.

  • Process automization through notification assignment of task and SLAs.

  • Phase wise approach for BPM implementation.

12:00PM - 12:20PM

Keynote 4- Role of KYC and AML compliance in seamless Identity Management.

  • Periodising the refresh of KYC.

  • Layering the e-KYC efficiently for a seamless customer onboarding.​

  • Intelligent Process Automation for KYC and other compliances.

  • Modeling resilience to KYC and AML norms.

12:30PM- 1:00PM

Panel Discussion- Modernising the core onboarding process with technologies in 2024.

  • Understanding and overcoming struggles faced by banks due to outdated technology

  • Importance of sifting into a more relevant ecosystem powered by technology and automation.

  • Bridging the gap with the technologies, fintechs and the banks.

  • Turning the onboarding challenges into engagement opportunities. 

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Lunch Break

2:00PM- 2:30PM

Keynote 5- Remote Desktop Attacks: not just a customer's problem

  • Understanding the state of hackers and remote desktop attacks in 2024.

  • Identifying the attacks on zero day and securing the customers. 

  • Use of AI and ML in combatting these attacks.

  • Exploring the solutions to fight remote desktop attacks.

2:40PM - 3:00PM

Keynote 6- Bridging the gap between online and in branch banking

  • Conversational, Personal, Predictive, the new day digital banking.

  • Using a multi channel and multifaceted approach to modernising the online banking models.

  • Bad online customer experience? Myth or reality?

  • Championing online customer experience, gets you miles ahead of the customer acquisition race

3:10PM- 3:30PM

Keynote 7- Active MFA and 2FA in seamless customer verification. 

  • Identity in a digital world: A new chapter in social contract.

  • Biometric Authentication: the key to effective authentication.

  • 3D face mapping as a true differentiator in biometric liveness detection.

  • How we can simplify the onboarding process as digital identity is multilayered and complex?

3:40PM - 4:00PM

Coffee Break

4:00PM- 4:30PM

Panel Discussion- Viability of Attribute linking model for Digital identity

  • Organizations adopting Innovative approach to Digital Identity

  • Focus on Recording attribute linkages.

  • Disaggregated and Flexible approach to Trust.

  • Viewing attributed identity as a central to accessing a wide variety of services.

4:40PM - 5:00PM

Keynote 8- Augmented Analytics: The future of business intelligence.

  • Humanizing customer complaints and feedback using NLP algorithms.

  • How augmented analytics can help banks improve their products, services, and other aspects of a business?

  • Data Points and AI in having a more accurate analytics.

  • Government, Banks and Fintech collaborations in achieving an accurate business intelligence framework.


Networking Cocktail Reception

Day 2- October 17, 2024

9:00AM - 9:15AM

Opening Remarks

9:20AM - 9:40AM

Keynote 9: Gamifying, customer onboarding and user verification.

  • How to Turn onboarding challenges into engagement opportunities?

  • Understanding the millennial and staying a step ahead of the competition.

  • How can banks improve their onboarding experience and increase the conversion rates.

  • Understanding the perks of outsourcing an intuitive and engaging user authentication solution.


9:50AM - 10:20AM

Keynote 10- Automating Onboarding for Customers

  • How a bank's first impression is while onboarding the customer.

  • Why a good onboarding experience, crucial to the entire Client Lifecycle.

  • Making a Shift From Transactional To Relational Experiences.

  • Intuitive onboarding experiences for the customers.

10:30AM- 10:50AM

Keynote 11- Leveraging the power of behavioral economics in banking.

  • Behavioral economics is the key to user engagement in banking.

  • Using algorithms and Predictive analysis to make precise cross sell and upsell recommendations.

  • How can sentiment analysis help in improving the customer experience and also gain insight into the market?

  • Exploring different frameworks and toolkits that can connect the design community and create customer empathy across the organization.

11:00AM - 11:20AM


11:20AM- 11:50AM

Panel Discussion- Risk Management and Threat Prevention.

  • Zero day threat detection and prevention.

  • Identity Theft a major set back in any digital onboarding framework.

  • How to keep yourself and your customers compliant to Anti-Money Laundering norms.

  • Risks of AI – Opaque algorithms, Algorithmic and Internet Bias, Public perception. Can AI replicate Biometrics?

12:00PM - 12:20PM

Keynote 12- AI and ML Powered Customer-centric Banking

  • How can KPIs provide the benchmarking milestones that allow banks to craft optimal customer journeys for each persona?

  • Chatbots and conversational AI's a winner in providing golden customer experiences.

  • Use of AI in understanding the customer needs and upselling.

  • How to cross-sell in a highly competitive environment?

12:30PM- 1:00PM

Keynote 13- Role of Biometrics and KYC in seamless and accurate customer onboarding.

  • How physical digital identity system can put users at risk due to over exposure of information?

  • How we can simplify the onboarding process as digital identity is multilayered and complex?

  • How Biometrics like Voice/Fingerprint/ Facial/Retina recognition,Palm/Hand/Breath/Blood Scan,DNA, Body scan, etc. affect the future of banking security?

  • Identity in a digital world: A new chapter in social contract.

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Lunch Break

2:00PM- 2:30PM

Keynote 14- Reducing Onboarding Friction with technology.

  • Design For The Customer, Not The data centre.

  • Leveraging Pre-Fill & Validation Services.

  • How saving applications can help customers onboard through, "Any Device, Any Channel, and Channel-Crossover".

  • Growing AI acceptance across the industry.

2:40PM - 3:00PM

Keynote 15- Significance of API’s in lowering adaptation costs

  • Why not getting burdened with legacy infrastructure and getting built from modern technology stacks advantageous?

  • Traditional banking as an open platform.

  • How API’s dispense cost effective solutions to lowering adaptation costs.

  • How can banks modernise themselves amid a API revolution throughout the industries.

3:10PM- 3:30PM

Keynote 16- How Face, voice and fingerprint recognition tech plays a major role in multifactor authentication?

  • Importance of adding an additional layer of security to the traditional password model.

  • How are the fintech’s overcoming the risks involved with MFA.

  • How face, voice and fingerprintrecognition solutions safeguard the system from major data breaches.

  • How the MFA technologies have come a long way and are still changing.

3:40PM - 4:00PM

Coffee Break

4:00PM- 4:30PM

Panel Discussion- Importance of a Robust Organisational Diligence Framework.

  • Organizations adopting Innovative approach to Digital Identity and risk screening.

  • Focus on a streamlined and dynamic approach to organisational diligence.

  • Essential things to keep in mind while determining the risk appetite.

  • How over reliance on shiny tools can turn out to be a costly mistake for the FI's.

4:40PM - 5:00PM

Keynote 17- Privacy Enhancing Technology: Future of Authentication and Digital Identity

  • How traditional and paper-based onboarding would expose clients and the employees to a higher risk.

  • Significance of end-to-end online account opening and onboarding.

  • How the pandemic would affect in adaptation of technologies like biometrics,face and voice recognition.

  • Increasing relevance of document scanning and verification solutions, improving onboarding speeds


Networking Cocktail Reception

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